Women's Business Centres

Women-led social enterprise for sustainable development


Women’s Business Centres (WBCs) are a women-led social enterprise model for sustainable development – working for the economic, social, political and environmental empowerment of women in the Global South.
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Our Approach

As women-led organisations, Women’s Business Centres combine new technology and traditional practice to build and strengthen local economies that maximise social, economic, and environmental benefits for the communities where they live.

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Our Impact

Since the establishment of the first Women’s Business Centre in 2016 with a pilot of 10 WBCs in Bangladesh, there are now 450 WBCs and subcentres across Bangladesh which reach approx. 45,000 women producers and serve a population of around 2.5 million people. Across Africa, new WBCs being formed in Nigeria, Kenya, and Malawi connect a further 60,000 people to locally-delivered services and resources


Nari Jhuri, Bangladesh

To date, Nari Jhuri are reaching more than 350,000 women producers and their families with integrated services and products supporting safe food, healthy living and a sustainable planet.

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Our Projects in Bangladesh

With 90% of its population living in rural areas, Bangladesh is one of the most vulnerable countries in the world to the impacts of climate change.


Meet our entrepreneurs at Nari Jhuri